The Living Room Launches Pobal’s On-Demand Recovery Education Tech

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We are pleased to announce that The Living Room has successfully launched our Ascent Recovery Program at their transitional housing facilities for women and children experiencing homelessness in Sonoma County, California. The Living Room, Sonoma County’s largest non-profit organization serving the homeless population. Since 1993 we have been exclusively serving Sonoma County women and their children experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless. The Living Room provides housing, food, and outreach to women and their children, including counseling and mental health services within transitional recovery-based housing.

The women and children who come to The Living Room are diverse in experience, age, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability, education, and socioeconomic background. In addition, TLR participants may have varying degrees of physical and mental health challenges, may struggle with substance abuse, and may have complex trauma histories.

Pobal’s Ascent program aims to strengthen the Living Room’s staff and volunteer’s ability to serve the women and children through life-changing education. 


The Living Room Completes Ascent Training & Deployment

Pobal training kicked off on May 20th with over 10 Living Room practitioners joining. During the hour-long training over zoom, we worked through the basics of the Ascent and Arc platforms and the best practices for course moderators. We also identified the course leaders and will continue to work together to provide the best experience for the Living Room clients. 

The Living Room will be delivering a broad spectrum of wellness and substance addiction education courses through Pobal’s Ascent, an on-demand addiction recovery education platform. Pobal is reimagining addiction recovery through a digital ecosystem of on-demand courses, assessments, tools, and community. The Ascent Recovery Program offers interactive lessons designed to educate practitioners and clients on substance use disorder’s psychological, biological, and social dimensions to promote treatment, recovery, and healing. The Living Room will also utilize Arc (Accountability Recovery Community) app with recovery management tools designed to build self-stewardship and community support for a long-lasting recovery. 


Ascent Recovery Curriculum Powered By Modern Learner Management Tools

The Pobal team has implemented the Ascent Recovery education program at one of the many homes and is on track to complete the Ascent onboarding with remaining homes by the end of the year. Onboarding includes providing learner workstations at all the homes fully equipped with the Ascent Recovery Program curriculum and learner management capabilities serving a total of 20 residents. 

“One of the reasons we started The Living Room was to provide individuals with a safe and comfortable living environment for women and their children affected by homelessness and related challenges while helping provide resources and support that foster long-term recovery and sobriety. Our mission and goals are congruent with Pobal to drive personal accountability for one’s wellness, independence, and successful recovery.”
Cindy Pasko, CEO at The Living Room

The Living Room is on track to deploy Ascent and Arc throughout their integrative recovery-based homes in Sonoma County over the next few months. As a result, they are proud to better serve their clients with long-term recovery from addiction powered by education, community, and accountability. 


Cindy Pasko

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