Sobertech Announces the Launch of Pobal, On-Demand Recovery Education Platform

Pobal Online Recovery Courses

Sobertech announced today the launch of its new platform Pobal, an on-demand addiction recovery education ecosystem. Featuring two apps, Ascent and Arc, Pobal provides evidence-based treatment education, community engagement and accountability. Today, only 10% of those who need Substance Use Disorder treatment receive any services via traditional inpatient or outpatient programs. The treatment industry, with high costs, limited availability, and questionable outcomes, continues to lack a scalable and cost-effective intervention for the country’s number one behavioral health problem. With an easy-to-use interface and flexible elearning modules, Pobal provides the lowest barrier of entry for those dipping their toes in recovery.


Pobal Pro enables practitioners to efficiently serve a broader range of clients at various phases in their recovery journey. Fully customizable curricula allow providers to design their own programs. The built-in continual assessment engine delivers practitioners deeper insights into their clients’ consumption, comprehension and internalization of the content. The self-guided treatment education is billable to insurance with accredited provider oversight.


“Personal growth and healing are at the core of our recovery programs. I’m proud to be a part of helping others on their journey with the release of our new treatment tools and support designed to get mindfully fit.”  – Terence Lundy, Pobal Founder and CEO


New Year, New Recovery Apps!

The health and social challenges faced in 2020 were unimaginable. The economic shutdown coupled with social distancing has exacerbated behavioral health crises , none more than Substance Use Disorder. Telehealth exploded as traditional delivery methods were curtailed and demand skyrocketed. Pobal enters this new remote delivery landscape with a unique offering for those afflicted by SUD. 


Ascent is an on-demand recovery academy featuring accredited and evidence-based curricula. With a la carte micro-courses or full multi-week programs, clients and providers can find the right combination for their recovery  needs.   Our signature Ascent Recovery Program offers courses uniquely designed to educate practitioners and clients on the psychological, biological, and social dimensions of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) to promote treatment, recovery, and healing.  Examples of courses include “The Basics of Neurobiology and Addiction,” “The Disease Model of Addiction,” and “Life Beyond Addiction.”


New Benefits and Features: 

  • Branded mobile App

  • A la carte micro-courses (5-15 min)

  • Convenient Google and Facebook account logins

Arc, or Accountability Recovery Community, brings together peers in recovery with similar goals and interests and practitioners delivering aftercare. Here are some of the key features and benefits of the new Arc social platform:


New Benefits and Features:

  • Circle chat enhances conversations with recovery experts

  • 1:1 direct chat between one member and another

  • Enhanced user experience and app branding


Recovery Reimagined

Long-term recovery from addiction is achievable through education powered by a sustained connection and accountability tools and networks. Pobal’s new apps Ascent and Arc do just  that and enable us to reimagine addiction recovery that is entirely focused on clients and outcomes. Our mission is to make the basics of recovery more accessible than ever, while growing a strong community of learners and instructors.   

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