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Create change through collaboration

We believe that community is the key to progress and that every program is strengthened with collaboration. The best way to forge the world we envision is to connect each person with the resources and tools – a portal – to help manage their day-to-day health.

A portal where you gain access to a a growing library of micro-courses and activities as well as authoring tools where you can build engaging content of your own. 

Technology has made the world a smaller place and we see an exciting opportunity to connect you to more people in need and grow your impact as a provider. 




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Build unique program in minutes!

With our suite of apps you have access to unique wellness tools.

Collaborative Care as a Service

Easily create a customized and branded experience for your clients simply and beautifully on our content management system.

Micro Courses

You gain access to the library of engaging behavioral health and wellness courses to share with your clients.

Accountability Tools

Use the custom reports and accountability recovery community app to keep your clients on track.

Goal Tracking

Set and a track progress of goals with the Arc app and get support from personalized wellness communities.

Community Spotlight

Share information, progress and tools with the people who can help. Grow your network of providers.