David Whitesock

As a Pobal Pro, David Whitesock is the Founder of Commonly Well and Architect of the Recovery Capital Index (RCI). He is an advocate for greater awareness of addiction, mental health issues, and recovery.

David Whitesock Pobal Pro
Dave Ford, Founder at Day One Recovery Services

“We’ll solve addiction when we don’t solve for addiction.

David is constantly curious and believes that everything connects. When we’re fully aware of what, where, and how things connect, we can understand the effects and modify the mechanisms in between for a greater good.

David is the inventor of the Recovery Capital Index® (RCI), a quantified, multi-dimensional survey that measures addiction wellbeing. The instrument was validated in 2018, subjected to peer review, and findings published in the May 2018 South Dakota Medical Journal. 

As Chief Innovation Officer at Face It TOGETHER, it has been David’s job to design better methods and experiences that can drive solutions for addiction. Through that lens and with a host of personal and professional experiences, David believes we will solve addiction when we don’t solve for addiction. He is dedicated to doing work that advances towards that vision. Along the way, vastly more people will realize connections to their purpose, improving the greater good for themselves and others. David earned a joint JD/MA and BS from the University of South Dakota.

In 2015, he won e Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship. During the two years of the Fellowship, he studied the art and science of happiness. He traveled to the happiness places on earth, like Iceland and Denmark, to see and experience these cultures first hand.

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