Ascent Toolbox Skill HALT

Toolbox Skill: HALT

Toolbox Skill: HALT—it is a powerful Toolbox Skill that you can use during your recovery. HALT is an acronym is the perfect reminder for giving…

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How to Fight Cravings Online Class

Coping with Cravings

In our Coping with Cravings micro-course, you will gain an understanding of how to recognize and better cope with your cravings or urges may be…

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Ascent Basics of Neurobiology and Addiction course

Basics of Neurobiology

The basics of Neurobiology lesson will teach clients about pleasure-circuitry (rewards system) and survival (limbic system) areas of the brain It highlights dopamine and glutamate…

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The Disease Model of Addiction Course

Disease Model of Addiction

Many people assume that addiction is not a disease but a weakness of character. This misconception contributes to the stigma of addiction and unfairly minimizes the…

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Pobal Pro Pricing & Features

Live Course Demo

Welcome to Ascent! Pobal offers a deep catalog of treatment education modules for use with in-patient, out-patient, family, and prevention programs.  Self-guided learning is augmented…

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