About Our Pobal Community

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Pobal is an elearning community featuring the Ascent and Arc platforms that promote long-term healing and recovery.

On-Demand Recovery Courses
and Community Support

Introducing Pobal, featuring Ascent.

Ascent is an online recovery education platform that is fully customizable and helps providers reach a broader range of patients. With modular courses, practitioners can create client-centric programs that are convenient and effective for people at various stages of the recovery journey. The Ascent Recovery Program is founded on peer-reviewed and evidence-based curricula widely accepted as core elements of most accredited recovery programs.

The companion ARC mobile app complements the elearning platform with real world accountability and community support.

Together, Ascent and Arc form the foundation of Pobal’s continuum of care from initial support to aftercare to recovery maintenance.

Message from our CEO Terence Lundy

“Personal growth and healing is at the core of our recovery programs. I’m proud to be a part of helping others on their journey with the release of our new treatment tools and support designed to get mindfully fit.”

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